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ART project MARTS... Kiev, Ukraine

At 2010 and 2011 OLENA MELNYKOVA ( VAVOURAKIS ) took a part at project MARTS. An exhibition of contemporary art MARTS is happening frequently at the one of the oldest and nicest capitals of East Europe at Kiev at the Center for Contemporary Art M17 (Kyiv, Gorky str. 102-104).

Art project МАРТС was created as the platform for the young artists of Ukraine to deploy modern art in Kyiv and to find out what kind of thoughts the new generation of Ukrainian artists are thinking about. Every year the participants of project MARTS are discovering the new themes and updating their vision of human and society, the world and the universe, reality and transcendence. The paintings which was exposed at MARTS exhibitions are from different styles, starts from realism to transavantgarde. According to the opinion of organizers the art which was included to the MARTS expo is the litmus and shows the reaction to the cultural environment challenges.

MARTS exhibition opens about an Independence Day of Ukraine and presents a wide range of ukrainian artists from Kyiv to Crimea, west and east of the country. As usual at MARTS exhibition involved around 30 artists and presents over 100 paintings. At the open ceremony the cocktail is accompanying by modern electronic music. Representatives of the artistic and cultural environment, members of the art market, gallery owners, artists and representatives of diplomatic missions of different countries are meeting each others and sharing by theirs impressions about an exhibition.At MARTS project Olena Melnykova ( Vavourakis ) met Charge d"Affaires of Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan to Ukraine Yusupov P.Batyr with his family. From that time he and his charming wife became the fan of Olenas art and bought several (3 or 4) her paintings.

The exhibition is accompanied by the publication of the catalog of ART works of all participants.

Art project MARTS based charitable organization "International Cultural Dialogue" and produced joint efforts of its members and partner organizations.

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