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Award,Plein Air Falicon , south of France , Nice

The French Riviera was and still is the center of creativity of the world and the France by it self.

The French Riviera was “discovered” in the 1800′s by the European nobility who spent their winters here. But when springtime rolled around these wealthy holiday-makers went home and left the summer heat to the locals.

After first world war Côte d'Azur became popular at american wealthy society and artistic community. Artists and writers from the far reaches of the world gathered here to fashion a new art and land...Many of them spend a lot of years to live here and left after themselves unbelievable quantity of masterpieces.A lot of famous names are making the history of Côte d'Azur interesting like F. Scott Fitzgerald, artist Pablo Picasso,Henri Matisse, Marc Chagall and movies stars like Jean Cocteau as they made the south of France their haven and playground.You can find a lot of museums here which is based on art of greatest artists. Exactly this is making Côte d'Azur is interesting for young artists for visit.

At autumn time 2013 young artist Olena Melnykova (Vavourakis) visited the French Riviera and took a part at Slovianski plein air at the small and beautiful town Falicon. She was inspired by amazing landscapes and unbelievable color of the sea. She was impressed by art of Henri Matisse at Matisse museum and fall in love at amazing art works of Marc Chagall at Chagall museum. At the end of the plein air her artworks together with other paintings of participents of this plein air was exhibited at Falicon gallery. Olena Melnykova got honor and was awarded by mayor of Falicon and made a gift one of her painting to the madam mayor. Two artworks of Olena Melnykova was bought at Falicon and still is at private owners at France.

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