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Portrait for order.

Nothing should be accidental in art , not any single stroke of brush or line of a pencil !!! This is the language of harmony in which all world is talking to the people and we are trying to speak to everyone around. We are those strange people, who have been named by everybody as an artists !!!

The magic of ART is in possibility to show the most deepest and important parts of human personality. The artist is able to provide on canvas real feelings and unique particles of character of person who is the model of piece of ART.

I"m an artist who loves to paint the people. Something is amazing hiding behind of their faces and deep into their eyes. I like to bring on the canvas the most interesting parts of human characters. It is so exciting all the time to show to the people the best shades of the human soul and the big spectrum of feelings through the windows of ART.

If you want and ready to be a part of ART or you want to give this unusual occasion to your family members or important people in your life to be a model for portrait,or you just want to make special gift to someone, just contact me :



Tel:+41(0)796121064 mobile: +41(0)417500263

and I will make make unique masterpiece only for you...

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