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 workshops & open air events 

2009 "Sumskaya 2009" competition plein-air & exhibition for young artists of Kharkiv city at "Gostinaya na Dvoryanskoi" created by "Rubanenko & partners". AV was awarded by second degree diploma "Sumskaya 2009";

2011 All-Ukrainian plein air in Kovel

2012 International plein-air in the Czech Republic

"Venkov 2012";

2012 International plein-air in the south of France, Nice, Falikon "SLAVianski PLEIN AIR - 2012"

Competition plein-air & Exhibition of Artists from Eastern Europe created by "ArtPleiaDA". AV was awarded by second degree diploma  "Slavianski plein-air 2012";

2013 International plein-air, Czech Republic

"Venkov 2013"


International open air ARTevents:
Art shops
& Projects:

2010 - 2011 ART Project  "MARTS" Kiev, Ukraine;

2011 - 2012 ART Project  "MARTS" Kiev, Ukraine

2016 - 2017 Art project "Ukrainian - Swiss ART space is open", Unterägeri - Zug, Switzerland
2017  Master-class / work-shop  " Portrait painting demonstration"  with  American artist Nicole Warner at the exhibition "Artworks as Worlds" Zug, Switzerland

2017 Book cover drawing by Olena Vavourakis for book "Anastasia" writer Pierre Gèrard Zerfass

2017 Book cover paintings by Olena Vavourakis for book series

"La Guardia Suiza Pontificia" book 1 and 2, writer Karina Graciela Salazar

2018 ART participant  of charity project " Friends of the Cedar Foundation Tanzania 2019" and Gala Event & Auction October 6th, 2018...


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