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     "Life breathes in and out to allow a new Artwork to come alive." Olena Vavourakis.

     Such type of unusual statement best describes Olena Vavourakis’ perception of life.  Art is formed everything, the entire world and space for a creative person. This chaos of artistic space has own laws of harmony, wich one seeks to know any creative person.  Olena is living in Art.  Since her childhood and until today Olena has been steadily drawing, painting and creating new Art. To become an Artist she went through 18 years of studies, researchs and discoveries, each of which was a new step forward.

     Olena (Olena Melnykova (on ukrainian)/Elena Melnikova (on russian)) was born on November 3, 1981, in Kharkiv, a city in the East of Ukraine. Her artistic education went through different stages. It began at Kharkiv Art School, moved on to Kharkiv Art College and culminated in her graduation from Kharkov State Academy of Design and Arts specializing at Fine ART - Representational painting. The Art teachers who formed Olena as an artist were Masyoma T.S. and Masyoma N.G., Chursina V.I. and Zaleshuk V.V., Ganozkiy V. L. and Chaus V. N. These great artists gave Olena green light to conquer both the world of Art and the philosophical approach to life which have guided Olena through the years.

    In 2014 Olena moved to Switzerland. At the end of 2014 changed Olena her family name to Vavourakis.

And at 2021 became Olena swiss citisenship.

" Every new artwork is a breathe in or breathe out of life."


"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls."

Pablo Picasso 

     Olena was inspired by this beautiful country, wonderful nature and her new life. This strong inspiration was immediately reflected in  Artwork of young artist.

     The contrast of flawed life and harmony of nature provides Olena Vavourakis with a powerful source for new Artwork. All world with unique innumerable colors, forms and vibrations has deep influence on the artistic heart. Olena Vavourakis’ sensitive and philosophical understanding of the world results in images that then begin their own lives on canvas. Young artist uses an interesting mix of styles best described as impressionism with a hint of realism. O.Vavourakis works with different techniques and varied ideas, materials, forms and compositions. A variety of genres live through Olena's Art, i.e. portraits, landscapes, still life, just to mention few of them. Both the theme and the idea dictate the style and the technique of an Artwork, not vice versa. The Artwork created by Olena Vavourakis is full of life, colors, air, movements and space...

    Olena Vavourakis paintings are in private collections around the world : Australia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey, United Kingdom of Great Britain, Ukraine, USA, Uzbekistan, Japan, and others…



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