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      Nothing should look casual in art, not a single stroke of brush or sketch of a pencil!!! It is the language of harmony through which the world talks to people and through which we talk to everyone around. And we are ­ those strange people, who they call artists!!! The mystery of art is that it is an inexhaustible source of where it falls silent.The magic of ART is a possibility to show the most profound and essential features of the human personality.  The artist projects real feelings on canvas and unique particles of the character of the model become a piece of ART.

     I`m an artist who loves to paint people. Something amazing is hiding behind their faces and in the depths of their eyes. I like to express on canvas the most curious parts of human characters. I consider myself lucky to be able to surprise through the prism of art to show the audience the bestshades of the human soul and an incredible range of human emotions.

     If you wish and if you are willing to become part of the ART or you have a special occasion to order a portrait of your family members or of another special person in your life, or if you just want to make unusual gift to someone, just contact me :

Tel:     +41(0)79 612 10 64 

mobile:  +41(0)41 750 02 63


and I will make unique masterpiece only for you...

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